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We take pride in creating engaging and fun itineraries for  Zhangjiajie Holidays though we understand that not everyone will be happy to be doing each of the activities that a Package Tour offers.  That’s where  Zhangjiajie private tours really shine.  You travel with the people you know, select the destination everyone will enjoy, and the activities everyone wants to do.  With the help of our tour operations team, you can build your dream Zhangjiajie vacation.

zhangjiajie Private tour Senior Consultant Wendy

You may not be aware of all the wonderful experiences available to you in Zhangjiajie. There are still many local activities, amazing experiences and restaurants that haven’t been shared online yet. We have personal connections in each of the locations we run tours and are constantly seeking out new experiences for our guests. Let us help you create your Zhangjiajie private tour by suggesting activities that you may not even know. Enquire today.

Wendy Hong - CEO, ZJJ Tours

Zhangjiajie Free & Easy Enquiry

zhangjiajie Private tour

Dear Wendy, what do you suggest for a 3 Days Zhangjiajie Free & Easy Tour for 3 persons ?

Day 1 : private pick up from airport and  transfer to Zjj national park. Tour will include Huangshizai and Yangjiajie in the morning and Yuanjiajie in the afternoon. In Yuanjiajie you can visit the Stockade Yunjia. You will be able to see The Tujia miniority life style of the past. You will also have option to take the Bailong elevator(tallest and fastest elevator).
Overnight in the mountain to enjoy sunset and sunrise(subject to weather conditions). The accomodation inside the mountains are usually private own and facilities are at it's minimum. For foreigners who wants 4 star accomodation, it is advisable to stay below the mountains.
 Day 2 : Continue in the Park, visit Golden whip stream and ten miles gallery. After lunch visit Yellow dragon caves. Transfer to city for overnight stay in City
 Evening: Watch the Tianmen Fairy Fox culture show
 Day 3:  Visit Tianmenshan - enjoy the longest cable car, walk the glass plank cliff walk.
Prepare for you evening flight out of ZJJ.

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